Sunday, November 29, 2015

Burglar stuck in chimney dies after homeowner lights fire

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Can't win them all. :)

A burglar stuck in a chimney died Saturday after the homeowner lit a fire in the fireplace, California authorities said.
The burglar climbed in the chimney Friday night to rob the home in the small city of Huron but became stuck, Fox 40 reports. The man was discovered just before 3 p.m. Saturday when the homeowner came home and lit the fireplace.

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  2. Now for the downside:

    The homeowner heard Caldwell scream from inside the chimney and worked to put the fire out, causing the house to fill up with smoke, the station reported.

    The sheriff's office said firefighters responded to the home and dismantled the chimney, but were too late to save Caldwell. It was not immediately clear whether he had a prior criminal record.

    Sheriff's office spokesman Lt. Brandon Pursell said the home suffered smoke damage in addition to the dismantled chimney.

    1. :) Well, hopefully he has insurance so there will be nothing but positive!