Monday, November 16, 2015

The cattleized West, and the first line of defense


1. The bovine-French, panic at mass mourning movement and show of sanctimony
(The most important thing you can do when people you don’t know are murdered by muslims in an act designed to promote the primacy of islam, is show your moral superiority to people who would like to take meaningful action by demonstrating grief.

Not for the dead, but for the temporary damage to the illusion of multicultural socialist utopia. The French have shown they are bronze medal winners after the Soviet Union and the Communist Chinese in that. Just imagine if the whole population of France had not been utterly emasculated by socialism. This attack could have been stopped by a couple of armed men who actually believed in defending themselves. Instead, all they have is what we see today. People tripping over themselves in self sacrifice, trying to tell the people who  want them dead or enslaved how there will be no ‘backlash’ instead of at the very very least, going en masse to the mosques and screaming: “stop the hate”.

Instead, they will save that slogan for Marine Le Pen. The one politician who dares suggest that defending ones rights, liberties and even your lives. And thanks to a world governed by socialist identity politics, it will only be even slightly tolerated coming from a woman. Cause if a man dared say these things he would have to live under 24 hour multiple guards and move locations every night, and that would be from the socialists every bit as much as from the muslims)

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  1. Most people know about physical castration.

    Some people know about chemical castration.

    Few know ( or they refuse to admit that they know ) about mental castration.

    This is the Prime example of the latter.

    Central Alabamaian

  2. You go, Ms. Le Pen!
    Back here in the former America - Governors are powerless to stop this in the US:

    1. Thanks.

  3. Are you back home yet?

    1. Nope, not yet :) We are peacefully residing on the shores of the Pacific at Camp Pendleton's San Onofre Campgrounds at the prodigious rate of $20 a day including all:) You could stop by on your way to New Zealand. :)