Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The governmental crime of thought-crime prosecution

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Freedom of expression, whether you agree with the viewpoint or not, is a Natural Right.

18 More Months for Gerhard Ittner for Doubting the Indubitable

I have been “out” for 12 days – after three and a half years in prison at a time – and am in the process of “getting back into life.” Right after my release from prison, I did not feel that way. Now, however, it’s becoming more obvious. I have to get used again to everyday things; for example shopping. 

The day after my release from prison, if it had not been for Sandra, my fiancée, I almost would have marched out of the Müller drugstore without paying for the items in my hands. It simply did not occur to me that one had to go to the checkout and pay. (Maybe nobody would have believed me, but that is how it was.) Initially I also left the water running in the bathroom; I did not turn off the faucet.

 In prison in Nuremberg, you could not turn the faucet on and off – it was a push button there. Barely half a liter of water came out, and then it turned off until I pressed it again. There was no turning it off.

After the end of my imprisonment in Bayreuth (served to the last day without any easing of detention conditions), I was immediately transferred to the Nuremberg jail due to a new indictment for “inciting the masses.”

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  1. Very compelling - I had heard about this man. I wonder where he was when he was arrested. I see the conflict with the Totalitarians. If you let us freely state our beliefs and opinions, then your propaganda machine becomes damaged. Truth Tellers are so annoying. If this AGW balderdash becomes international law soon, truth-telling Deniers will be prosecuted for endangering humanity.

    1. I wonder where he was when he was arrested.



      was a known Holocaust denier who used the Internet to spread far-right propaganda between 2002 and 2004.

      And? I don't see any crime.

  2. On the subject of mind manipulation, this was interesting:

  3. Replies

  4. Here they call it "bullying".

    Or "hate speech".

    Or "inflammatory words".

    Or "raaaaacist".

    Throw everything at the wall, and see if something sticks.

    It's Anti-Free Speech, is what it is; unless they're the one's saying it. Then it's Free Speech.

    Central Alabamaian