Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Call To Arms



Your votes are completely meaningless. A profound squandering of your energy – providing you intend them as anything more than a protest – or as a tactic for sowing discord. Dempublican, Republocrat, it makes absolutely zero difference what spirt animal you choose to worship. You’re wasting your goddamned time, chasing around the same lies and horseshit, spun by different, (yet completely interchangeable), cunt-weasels in expensive suits. The votes are preordained, the elections rigged by candidate selection and representative government in the first world is every bit as meaningless as it is in the third. In truth, the only people “who matter” are the board of directors at Berkshire/Hathaway, Google, Goldman Sachs and their like.

We won’t mince words here – until you the people are willing to get out there, start killing some cock-suckers and breaking some shit, not a single, solitary fucking thing will change. EVER.

That’s the way the world works. This is the way the world has always been. It will operate like this right up until us insignificant human Crapsicles stupid ourselves to death in some grand technological conflagration.

Force speaks volumes. Violence get’s greased. Flagrant non-compliance is golden. Anything else signals you’re just a bunch of mewling sheep, deserving of a good damned sheering – and your children will be utter and complete slaves to the debts incurred by our “civic masters.” Go down and look your kids in the face. Right now. Fucking do it. Don’t worry. We’ll wait.

Welcome back.

So then… what did YOU go out and do while the Uni-Party of Mordor on the Potomac was selling your progeny into serfdom? OH… we see… You wrote a terse letter to your congress critter… you argued with some piss-bags on Facebook… you huffed and puffed and voted for some demagogue running for president and/or congress! Oh, that’s so NOBLE of you. How grand! How WORTHY of the legacy of the great and terrible men that founded this nation! We’re sure your BRAVE deeds will console your offspring when America crashes and burns like Greece – a near mathematical certainty at this point. 
If you ain’t willing to fight, destroy, kill, bleed, suffer and die, then you will and those who come after you are going to be stripped of every shred of your wealth, liberty, dignity and honor. 

That’s the way it is. Come to terms with reality, and either accept chains on you knees, like obedient little puppies, or start figuring out how you are going to Goddamned fight back.

Yeah yeah, come collect our little pack of insurrectionists fed-goons. Bring extra sacks.


  1. I think there is a percentage of the Trump supporters who consider the current voter rebellion as the "last best hope" for republic. An American Cincinnatus/Cromwell who will reverse the collapse of the nation and drive the rats out of Congress.

    When the establishment thwarts him either by blocking his nomination, rigging the election, or blocking all his programs should he prevail at the polls there will be those that do go into open rebellion and those that return the sheep status.

    1. go into open rebellion and those that return the sheep status.

      As always. Thanks.

  2. I am sorry, but there are no political solutions left. The corruption is too deep. Trump may know that, but he still wants to try to turn the Titanic around. God bless him for that. We have done nothing but gnash our teeth over the machinations of the Tyrant in Chief. And just when you don't see how it can get any worse, check out this crap:

    1. Top priority, in order as usual