Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Daily Kos: Trump = Hitler (S/B Obama = Stalin/Lenin)

Via Ryan
Liberals are insane.  There is no other explanation

Sixty million people died in World War II, but fascism Communism won. It didn’t win on the battlefield. It didn’t win right away. It won because the same fears, the same greed, the same hatred that fueled its growth in the first part of the twentieth century never went away. The symbols of fascism became anathema, but the causes … went deep. And gradually, slowly, one step at a time, all those vices became first tolerated, then treated as virtues, and then as the only acceptable view.

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  1. TRUMP 2016 AS NOMINEE: If Republicans want to win in 2016 their best bet is Trump. Shockingly, he polls very high among all the Groups Republicans need to win, Democrats, Independents, Liberals, Hispanics and Blacks. He polls higher than any Republican has within memory. Reagan did well with these groups, but Trump does even better, and this campaign is just getting started.

    With any other Republican running, the Party’s chances are doubtful. Though he gets no credit for doing it, Trump has been able to do the very thing that all the "Smarties" and “experts” said must be done, that is to attract lots of Hispanics, Blacks, Moderates, Independents, and Democrats to vote for a Republican candidate for President.

    If there are any Republicans who want to put the interests of the Party, before and ahead of their personal hatred of Trump, then Trump is the ticket to ride. The rank and file folks are sick to death of the Republican and Democrats Establishments. Google "FounderChurch Portal" for the Truth, so help us God.

    1. I agree 100% and believe a Trump/Cruz ticket would have the best chance.

  2. TRUMP 2016: STOP LOOK & LISTEN.... WARNING..... Know it now, If the Establishment gangs up on Donald Trump such way as to unfairly deny him the nomination. KNOW THIS... Trump will Walk, and all his followers will Walk, and leave the Republican Party for good, and he will run as an Independent and likely be elected to the White House that way.
    But in any case it will spell the doom of the Republican Party permanently and ensure Victory for the Democrats led by Hillary. If that is what you Trump Haters, with your vicious hate-filled invective want, then go for it, but don't say you weren't warned exactly what would happen.
    Best advice for all of you, is for you all to shut your traps, choke it down and get over it, and accept Trump as your nominee and then support him in every way you can as though your life depended on it, which it does. Understand?????
    NOW: Google "FounderChurch Portal" to get your heads screwed on straight for this, the 21st Century, that you don’t quite get that you are in....

    1. But in any case it will spell the doom of the Republican Party permanently and ensure Victory for the Democrats led by Hillary.

      But it could cause a viable Constitution party to run.