Friday, December 11, 2015

Federal Judge Who Outlawed Racial Profiling is Victim of Black Mob Violence

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Federal Judge Susan Dlott wrote the book on racial profiling in 2002. 

Last week, she ripped it into one million tiny pieces when three black people broke into her $8 million Cincinnati home and started beating her and her 79-year old husband.

“There’s three black men with guns at our house,” Dlott told a 911 operator after she escaped the home invasion and ran to her neighbor’s house one mile away.

And just in case the operator did not hear her the first time, Dlott said it again: “My husband and the dogs are still there. There are three black men with guns and masks at the house.”

That’s Racial Profiling 101: Identifying the criminals by race, as if that had something to do with it. 


  1. I guess it does matter whose ox is being gored, don't it, "Judge".

    Central Alabamaian

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    1. How sweet it is with apologies to Jackie.:)