Friday, December 11, 2015

Saudis gunning for Trump? Muslim spies in the Obama administration?

Via Ryan

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"Russian SVR intelligence tipped off American intelligence that a secret memorandum from the CIA is circulating with Trump's worldwide travel itinerary. This was found on the laptop of one of the Paris terrorists and indicates that ISIS and/or Al-Qaeda affiliates, or possibly Middle Eastern intelligence agency has double agents in the Obama administration.

It has all the tell-tell signs that some of the Muslims that Obama appointed in DHS amid the post-9/11 intelligence sharing agreement are utilizing classified top secret intelligence from CIA, NSA, and in turn selling / releasing it to the Islamic world, including Al Mukhabarat Al A'amah (Saudi Arabian intelligence) and terrorist networks. This on the heels of Trumps "Ban Muslims" from the U.S. statement."


  1. Double agents in the regime? Old news? Double agent in the white house since Jan '09 is more like it.

  2. And this surprises us because..............?


  3. OT (sorta):

    Is black racism to blame for the rise of White student union groups

    1. Yup! Thanks.