Thursday, December 31, 2015

"Leave. Me. And. Mine. Alone. Forever."

Comment by Central Alabamian on Supreme Court grants black man “40 acres of land a...

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Okay, I want repartitions for the ones I'm sure I'm kin to who were forced walk The Trail of Tears. I want 400 acres, 4 tractors ( one of which will be a late-model Allis-Chambers G in mint condition, with every attachment ever made for it; this is non-negotiable, because I want it. :) ), plus every other piece of equipment to be here-after named, along with any variety and number of critters I so desire.

The 400 acres to consist of a mix of swamplandm river bottom land, upland, hay fields, crop fields, oak and hickory stands, long-leaf and lob-lolly pine stands, and popular and cedar stands, along with every square foot of it to be fenced and cross fenced to my hearts desire. It must have at least 2 major creeks, 2 20+/- acre lakes, with numerous small ponds scattered about it. Also, a life-time supply of any seed, fruit tree, vine, or other plant I so desire.

Just 40 acres and a mule?...... HAH, I think not!

Of course, I'm a reasonably-minded man, and I can be persuaded to drop all these rightful demands, by the US government doing one very simple thing:

Leave. Me. And. Mine. Alone. Forever.

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