Thursday, December 31, 2015

Supreme Court grants black man “40 acres of land and a mule”

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Maybe they can sue Sherman's descendants instead of we the taxpayers. :) 

Washington| The Supreme Court of the United States has granted to the Georgian slave descendant, Abraham Brown, “40 acres of land and a mule”, in an historical decision that could affect thousand of African Americans.


The 61-year old man filed a lawsuit against the federal government in 2011, accusing the United States of violating their obligations to his ancestor, who died in 1891. His great-grandfather, Elijah Brown, along with 18,000 other freed slaves who had fought for the Union in the American Civil War, had been promised “40 acres of land and a mule” by the U.S. army in 1865, but never received anything.

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  1. "Maybe they can sue Sherman's descendants instead of we the taxpayers. :) "

    I think that is a fine idea. Same for the Indian Nations, sue the descendants of Andrew Jackson, and later, Lincoln, Grant, Custer, Sheridan,, et al. Although a good many of the people involved in the Indian Wars sharpened their sabres on the South before they headed west. Might be slim pickin's.

    1. Maybe Watie's descendants can take care of the rest. :)
      No monuments or marble shafts
      Keep silent record of the time
      When grey clan ranks of warriors rode
      The Indian Nation line.

      But mists of time have not eclipsed
      The ancient stories of the day,
      And still the whispered words are heard,
      "Stand Watie passed this way."

      The noon of darkness casts its spell:
      Dutch Billy's bugle sounds once more
      And Watie heads his column out
      To ride through legend's door.

      Now once again the muskets fire
      While "Eagle" Buzzard spirits soars,
      And smoothbores spew their deadly hail
      As Watie leads to war.

      But now - the Red Fox rides no more,
      No bands of men, with muffled sound
      Slip through the night to strike at dawn;
      The fight is thru, the moon is down.

      Now who will sing old Watie's song,
      And who will tell his tale,
      And who will keep the rendezvous
      Along the Texas Trail?

  2. Well, this could be great, just don't tell them the 40 acres is in Syria !

  3. On May 28, 1865, President Johnson issued a proclamation of pardon and amnesty to citizens in the South who would take an oath of allegiance. As part of the pardon process, lands confiscated during the war would be returned to white landowners. So while the Radical Republicans had fully intended for there to be a massive redistribution of land from former slave owners to former slaves under Reconstruction, Johnson's policy effectively thwarted that. That promised land is no longer available. They will have to find other acreage.

    oPresident Johnson

    The Sherman promise was made to 18,000 slaves, not 120,000 descendants of those slaves. Those 18,000 parcels must be divided between the 120,000 descendants.

    1. Those 18,000 parcels must be divided between the 120,000 descendants.

      Good point.

  4. Big f---ing deal. Should he get his 40 acres and a mule then what? Working the land as a farmer is very hard work, demanding and long hours. That guy in the nice suit and tie is NOT going to trade them for a ball cap and a pair of bib overalls. Some thing tells me that he will lose it all, his 40 acres and a mule. All it is going to take is for some agent from the EPA to come and declare his 40 acres as a wet land or it has a federally protected endangered species on it. Or the city comes in with a new bill for back taxes and fines for not complying with the zoning ordinances.
    Another question, if he gets his 40 acres and a mule, does that mean the bill for the injustice of his ancestors being slaves has now been paid in full? Does he now lose ALL special status and treatment due to his race? Is he now just one of the (white) boys, now that he has his 40 acres and a mule.

    I am shocked I tell you, positively shocked that the USA Federal Government would break a promise! Why, next thing you know you will tell me that the is no Santa Claus or a free lunch. (sarc)

    1. next thing you know you will tell me that the is no Santa Claus

      Shush. Heresy! :)

  5. Okay, I want repartitions for the ones I'm sure I'm kin to who were forced walk The Trail of Tears. I want 400 acres, 4 tractors ( one of which will be a late-model Allis-Chambers G in mint condition, with every attachment ever made for it; this is non-negotiable, because I want it. :) ), plus every other piece of equipment to be here-after named, along with any variety and number of critters I so desire. The 400 acres to consist of a mix of swampland. river bottom land, upland, hay fields, crop fields, oak and hickory stands, long-leaf and lob-lolly pine stands, and popular and cedar stands, along with every square foot of it to be fenced and cross fenced to my hearts desire. It must have at least 2 major creeks, 2 20+/- acre lakes, with numerous small ponds scattered about it. Also, a life-time supply of any seed, fruit tree, vine, or other plant I so desire.

    Just 40 acres and a mule?...... HAH, I think not!

    Of course, I'm a reasonably-minded man, and I can be persuaded to drop all these rightful demands, by the US government doing one very simple thing:

    Leave. Me. And. Mine. Alone. Forever.

    Central Alabamaian

    1. Damn, that was good.:)

  6. Just to clarify: you guys know that's a satire site, right? Like the Onion, DuffelBlog, etc. It's not a "real" story.
    People have been sending the link to me, full of outrage. lol....

    1. Evidently I confused WND (World News Daily) with WND (World Net Daily) and it ain't the first time. :) Thanks.

    2. Then you are a racist idiot trying to spread hate