Wednesday, December 30, 2015

John Wayne's Daughter Pens Letter In Support Of Trump

Via Billy

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Donald Trump may have recently been snubbed this week by the publisher of the largest newspaper in New Hampshire, but the Republican presidential front-runner is still managing to amass endorsements from a host of both likely and unlikely supporters. Case in point: As proof of the latter, John Wayne’s daughter recently expressed her allegiance to Trump, who she said “has finally given the people of America a voice.”


  1. That is right. Trump says what real Americans want to say.
    If he is good enough for John Wayne's daughter, he is more
    than good enough for me. One won't find a better American
    than John Wayne and hopefully it rubbed off on his off-spring.
    The apple theory.

  2. When someone has the support of people across such a wide spectrum of voters as Donald Trump has, that someone can truly be called The Voice of the People.

    Mess with him at your peril, PTB.


    Central Alabamaian

    1. has the support of people across such a wide spectrum of voters

      Maybe a first throughout the nation?

    2. If not the first, and I think it is, it would have to rank in the top three, at least.

      Heh!.....makes it all the more dangerous for anyone who tries to harm him.

      This is one of those Nukes buried along that 'mined and booby-trapped-to-a-fare-thee-well road' I was talking about. Harm Mr Trump, and Mutual Guaranteed Destruction is assured.

      Everybody will see to it.

      Central Alabamaian