Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Arizona Says “No” To Recording Cops… Even in Your Own Home

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More fuel for the fire. Pile it on. The worse, the better. Burn, baby, burn! "The hour cometh... ." This sort of thing is what "progressives" would call "unsustainable."

Realistically, this is likely to wend its way through the courts anyway. If it passes at all. And how likely is that in an election year?

Also, there are the objections the writer raises--which will be raised in Committee as the bill makes its way through the process before getting to the floor--which I doubt that it will, at least not in this form. Bills hardly ever do.

And there is technology. Somebody--and I wish it could be me--will come up with an app that permits cell phone videos to be streamed live so that even if the coppers do confiscate or smash the phone, the video will be "out there" somewhere. Maybe in that "cloud" thing, wherever that is. Or if not there, then someplace.

There might be more to this story than we are told in this article, but from what we read here, I don't see that this bill has legs. Still, the very idea is outrageous. And we are now on the other side of the looking-glass, where wrong is right. But in an election year?


 John Kavanagh
No surprise, SB 1054 was introduced by a Republican, AZ State Rep. John Kavanaugh of District 8 (see here for more about him). Even less surprisingly, Kavanaugh is an ex-cop. An ex New Jersey cop. New Jersey is a notably corrupt state, run by thugs like Chris Christie – who is known to have used his powers to abuse his political opponents (see here) and steer lucrative state contracts to family and friends like a real-life Tony Soprano (see here).

Here’s one that demands pushback – as much as can be sent its way.

Arizona lawmakers want to make it illegal – a criminal offense – to film cops on private property.
In (air quotes) your home.

The air quotes being necessary to impart the appropriate irony.

If SB 1054 becomes law, anyhow.

More @ Eric Peters

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