Saturday, January 16, 2016

BOMB THREAT at Belle Glade Jail Following Police Shooting of Black Teen

Via Billy

 Scooter Rat Twitter

Angry residents confronted police today in Belle Glade, Florida after a white police officer shot and killed a young Black man fleeing from a traffic stop.

The shooting of 19 year-old Henry Bennett reportedly followed a traffic stop in which two occupants of the stopped vehicle fled with one pointing a gun at the deputy.


  1. Well do you exoect anything less from people who think law does not apply to them. I hope they burn their house , stores, crack house, whore house and the whole neighbour hood down and have no place to slleep. In most cases if you dont break the law then bad things dont happen. If these two thugs had respect and intrgrity as we all should then the thug would not be dead. If mom and dad would have done their jobs as parents alot of killing and crime would not be done. So lets blame the parents and the thugs, not the gun or leo

  2. Also kinda funny and hard to swallow but now days we protect violent groups like blm, islam , foreign refugees , illegal immigrants / aliens and other like muslims, gay groups and many others and say you cant voice your opinion about them or it is hate speech /crime and these groups mentioned above also hate any authority over them so they can protest , destroy, rape, kill and say what they want about who ever they want and it is ok, the normal for most is to protect these people, which is crazy but we dont give the same protection to our own US citizens , LEO or the men and women of the armed forces. Why is that? And why are these dumb now it alls protecting them?WHAT HAPPEN TO. GOD , COUNTRY AND FAMILY?

    1. The commies have taken over and there is only one way for them to leave.