Saturday, January 16, 2016

Vandals dig up Confederate soldier’s grave, steal body from VA cemetery

Via Nancy

When Saprina Roark went to visit her family’s Princewick, Virginia graveyard shortly after Christmas, her great-great-grandfather, a Confederate Civil War veteran, was missing.

Someone had dug up the veteran’s grave and left only his skull behind in the remote, wooded cemetery – a half mile from the nearest residence. Roark’s kin, former 36th Infantry private Thomas Meadows, resided in one of the oldest graves at the site, which is now the subject of a criminal investigation to track down the grave robbers, the Register-Herald reports.


  1. That is despicable.-55six

  2. Without regret, that's why I
    said early on, during last summers
    widespread vandalism of Confederate memorials
    and cemeteries, could only be stopped
    by severely beating or killing
    the perpetrators.
    Without question,"Vandals dig up Confederate soldier’s grave, steal body from VA cemetery" proves it is the
    only way to bring these despicable crimes to
    an immediate halt.

  3. If somebody gets caught doing this type of stuff, they'll probably wish 30 lashes was the only thing they got.

    Central Alabamaian

    1. Put them back in and cover them up.

    2. Nah, put a bag of coal at their feet, set it alight, then bury 'em up to their chin; that way it leaves a warning to the next would-be, while the coal slowly burns for a day or two.

    3. Excellent idea

    4. Yes, that beats Death by 1,000 Cuts even! :)

    5. I agree. That beats nailing them to a lighter pine stump and setting it on fire. It's just easier to find a stump around here, than the bag of coal. :)

      The possums will have a fine feast, too.

      Central Alabamaian