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Via Carl via Truths Of History

Here's the truth. Americans, REAL Americans, were sickened and disgusted by what reconstruction did to the South. Dan Voorhees was an Indiana representative and senator and he castigated Stevens and Sumner for what they had done during the hell known as 'reconstruction'. Here is a portion of his speech called "Plunder of Eleven States":

"From turret to foundation you tore down the government
of eleven States. You left not one stone upon another.
You not only destroyed their local laws, but you trampled
upon their ruins. You called conventions to frame new
Constitutions for these old States. You not only said who
should be elected to rule over these States, but you said
who should elect them. You fixed the quality and the color
of the voters. You purged the ballot box of intelligence
and virtue, and in their stead you placed the most ignorant
and unqualified race in the world (at the time-Admins) to rule over these people."

He then took state by state and enumerated the UNCONSTITUTIONAL, EVIL, HELLISH policy unleashed on them. Here is what he said when he got to South Carolina. Perhaps someone can let Governor Anchor-baby know this one?

"There is no form of ruin to which she has not fallen a
prey, no curse with which she has not been baptized, no cup
of humiliation and suffering her people have not drained
to the dregs. There she stands the result of your handiwork,
bankrupt in money, ruined in credit, her bonds
hawked about the streets at ten cents on the dollar, her
prosperity blighted at home and abroad, without peace,
happiness, or hope. There she stands with her skeleton
frame admonishing all the world of the loathsome consequences
of a government fashioned in hate and fanaticism,
and founded upon the ignorant and vicious classes of manhood."

This is what he said at the last. Read this one slowly, and DARE anyone to tell you to 'get over it'.

"I challenge the darkest annals of the human race for a
parallel to the robberies which have been perpetrated on
these eleven American States. Had you sown seeds of kindness
and good will they would long ere this have blossomed
into prosperity and peace. Had you sown seeds of honor,
you would have reaped a golden harvest of contentment
and obedience. Had you extended your charities and your
justice to a distressed people you would have awakened a
grateful affection in return. But as you planted in hate
and nurtured in corruption so have been the fruits which
you have gathered."

March 23, 1872


  1. And still ongoing. Kinda hard to get over something when it ain't over.

    Central Alabamaian

  2. In my history classes in WA (60s-70s) they never went into detail on just what had happened during Reconstruction, just taught or re-taught the word "carpetbaggers" and left the impression that they did something bad. But I suppose you knew that already.
    Question: Exactly what is still ongoing?

  3. The plunder continues. You just can't make this filth up.
    Surely, this is a joke. Looking more like a 'house of
    horrors' wouldn't you say.


      Thanks, I guess..........:)


    Congressional Globe, page 1922.