Thursday, January 21, 2016

Portland College Reaps Angry Feedback After Launching ‘Hating Whitey’ Month

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Sarah Mirk @sarahmirk(Another loonie)
Props to @PortlandCC for hosting a month-long interrogation of white supremacy—and not bowing to backlash!
April will be “Whiteness History Month” at a community college in Portland, Oregon, where faculty and staff wanted to come up with a new way to teach about race and racism.
Unlike Black History Month, which is observed nationally, the project at Portland Community College “is not a celebratory endeavor,” according to the school’s website.
Rather, “it is an effort to change our campus climate” in a way that critically examines white privilege and racial power structures.
PCC faced backlash on Monday from conservative critics who derided the program as “whiteness shaming” and complained that it was a sign of pressure to be politically correct.


  1. just another reason why the left coast needs to sink into the ocean.

    1. Why in the world do the students put up with this crap?

    2. They put up with it because they, unfortunately, are brain washed little commies in training. K-12.

  2. Hi Brock,
    I'm tired of these losers spouting all this anti "WHITE" Rhetoric!! I need to go get some shut eye so I can get up in the morning and "GO TO WORK!!!" Why?? So I can pay taxes that will be re-distributed to "THEM" so they can continue to bad mouth "ME" a "WHITE MAN" who has to work for a living and have my salary "TAXED TO SUPPORT THEM!!!"
    I Am Tired!!
    Closing thought ..... go to the website "The Last Refuge" read the piece titled "Cold Anger" 27SEPT2015 by "Sundance"
    "There is going to be a 'Reckoning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Got Gunz.....OUTLAW!!!!,

  3. Yeah, I should be hated because I'm white and came from privilege. My ancestors on both sides of the family came here in the late 1800s, well after slavery was abolished. Most of them worked in the coal mines for not much more than slave wages. My grandfather ended up with a crippled hand from a cave in and contracted black lung aka miner's asthma. A great uncle died in a cave in and another's leg was crushed by a coal car.My other grandfather and his sister grew up in an orphanage. Both my parents were depression babies. When I was little my father worked for Westinghouse. When things got slow the company would furlough half the workers for a week and then call them back for a week. This way they couldn't collect any unemployment benefits, so they were only earning half wages for a long time. Pretty hard to feed a family and pay the bills. Yeah, I can see where I should be hated for coming from privilege and affluence.

  4. White people should stop attending that school. We all know what happens at all black schools. The faculty will then bear the brunt of "black culture" and it will serve them right.

  5. Never forget the political correctness mandated by educators everywhere. I have never backed more spending for public education K thru University. Public education is political propaganda in this country as much as it is in Russia, China, or Cuba. I will not approve of more money to those who feel they have a right to destroy me. Screw them all.

  6. Time to get rid of all the Commmie teachers and kick these kids out into the real world....then they will learn about White Privilege. Like, it is a privilege to go to work. Parents are very much part of this stupidity, too.

    1. Parents are very much part of this stupidity, too.

      Should have never bordered us with their kids.

  7. The subverts can always go across the Southern border
    and live and deal with Mexican supremacy or any other
    non-White country they chose to go - the supremacy
    goes to whomever built the country from sticks and stones.