Monday, January 18, 2016

VA: House Bill NO. 587

Via Billy

As you know many Cities & Counties are changing the names of various schools, streets, buildings etc., which bear the names of our Founding Fathers, because they were once slaveholders. Many Monuments and Memorials dedicated to our Patriot Ancestors are being removed and defaced by those who do not understand the sacrifices of those Founding Fathers who helped establish America.

A Judge in Danville has recently ruled that Virginia Code Section 15.2-1820 does not protect all of the Memorials and Monuments to our various War Veterans. Delegate Charles Poindexter (SAR member) is Patron of HB587 which will protect all War Memorials and Monuments from defacing, removal and damage. It is our responsibility as Patriotic Americans to thank and support Delegate Poindexter in his endeavor to honor and protect all Memorials and Monuments to Veterans from French and Indian Wars to present day.

Please take time to send a simple letter or email in support of HB587 to:

Delegate Charles Poindexter  General Assembly Building, Room 802, Richmond, VA 23219
If you wish to call, his office is, 804-698-1009 in Richmond and at home, 540-576-2600


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