Friday, February 12, 2016

"........ every government agent, from local cop to the president is an author of the death of those (Constitutional) principles and the death of liberty.

When it comes your time to die for those principles, before you are enslaved to a foreign power, remember how proudly they sold them out." 


Implosion is imminent. Gold is up, stocks are down, (with much more room to drop) banks are slowly admitting their compromised positions with government paper and some have moved to stronger gold positions. Global recession has been on the map since China's economy started contracting. U.S. debt has soared and the paper the treasury issues is becoming devalued, but there is truly nowhere for it to go as our own economy slows. Oil has lost 70% of its value, taking the economies of the Middle East with it, though they have been able to stave off drastic cuts in domestic spending so far, it has come at a high price as they now try to sell bonds to institutions that are already holding too much government debt.

It must be obvious to anyone (if they aren't too busy taking selfies) that our indebted government has no intention of every repaying that debt. They will not repay China, or the UK, or Japan. The U.S. Government is a deadbeat. But, it has collateral. It has vast amounts of Western states it has occupied for over one hundred years.

The question one must ask oneself is this: What happens when the debt collector comes to collect?


  1. this subject has been discussed with people i know.
    if china calls in the debt they will be our new landlords, as the land must have been the collateral since there is nothing else to back the debt.

    start learning mandarin.

    1. Who could force the government to honor it's promises as they don't now anyway.?

  2. False assumption. The US Govt has sovereign immunity, so there is no "debt collector". Governments can and do simply renege on their obligations and walk away clean. There is no higher authority who can drag them into court or seize assets.

    In most cases, governments accomplish that by the slow expedience of inflation and paying their debts in money that is not worth as much as the money they borrowed. Wise investors know this and seek rates of return that exceed the rate of inflation. When economic systems lose stability, wise investors stay out of the system. Brilliant investors go bargain shopping.

    During the last great depression, when people were dumping their stocks for pennies, other people were buying them.

    1. There is no higher authority who can drag them into court or seize assets.

      The collector would need to go to war for enforcement, if the debtor reneges, which wouldn't be worth it.