Friday, February 12, 2016

Ted Cruz on the Confederate Flag

Via Mike "This looks like a fairly decent answer by the title, but if you listen to his elaboration, it is pretty clear he has no genuine sympathy for Southern Heritage. He is absolutely clueless about why many Southerners, especially conservatives, have strong loyalties to their culture and heritage and thus strong affection and identity with Confederate flags and symbols. He is probably equally clueless about the causes and conduct of the war.  He praises Governor Haley and Lindsey Graham for how they handled the issue! His State co-chairs, who are highly respected and support (supported?) keeping the flag, had better help him with his homework, or he is going to fall far short of his potential in South Carolina and other Southern states."


Senator Ted Cruz was criticized earlier this week for not taking a strong stand on the Confederate flag. Well, anyone expecting him to change his position will be disappointed, as Cruz told Fox’s Bret Baier tonight that it’s a state issue.

More with video @ Mediaite

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