Sunday, February 7, 2016

Islam’s Contribution to the World

Via Cousin John

Islamabad writer Dr. Farrukh Saleem pointed out in 2005 indisputable facts about the Islamic world.

Combined, 57 Islamic countries are the world’s poorest and most illiterate:
  • The GDP of 57 Muslim countries is less than $2 trillion;
  • Muslims comprise roughly 22 percent of the world’s population but only produce less than 5 percent of global GDP;
  • 20 percent of Arabs live on less than $2 per day;
  • The average growth rate of per capita income in the Arab world hovers around .5 percent per year [worse than everywhere else except for sub-Saharan Africa];
  • 60 percent of Muslims worldwide are illiterate;
  • 50 percent of Arab women cannot read.
Dr. Javaid Laghari adds that 40 percent of the Muslim states’ population falls below the poverty line.

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  1. and that's what they want to have happen here...
    not thanks...

  2. This will happen here first:

    "The river was running red with blood."

  3. I doubt it is that high. And given the number of immigrants in the USA, I seriously doubt our own rate is as high as 95-97%.

    1. Yes, a lot has changed in the intervening 11 years.