Sunday, February 7, 2016

LaVoy Finicum shot dead by the FBI is hailed as a hero during Utah funeral attended by hundreds of people from across the country


The Oregon occupier who died last month during a confrontation with FBI agents and state police officers was hailed as a hero during his funeral at a Mormon church.

The ceremony for Robert LaVoy Finicum, 54, attracted hundreds of supporters from across the country to Kanab, Utah, on Friday.

'My dad was murdered defending the liberties so that we may be free of bondage,' his daughter Brittney Beck said.

Finicum's death has become a symbol for those decrying federal oversight on public lands in the West and elsewhere, and has led to protests of what they call an unnecessary use of force. But authorities say the 54-year-old was reaching for a gun during the confrontation.

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  1. Reaching for a gun or not, there's no justification for shooting the vehicle while moving or the ambush to begin with. Calling him an 'occupier' labels him/them in the same order as the communists that were shitting on cop cars and creating public disturbance and assaulting people.
    They also weren't 'militants' they've also been labeled by lamestream media.

    Just like the EO or "legislation" that creates instant criminals for transferring ownership of firearms without state's permission, this unfortunate incident is to teach us peasants that carrying a gun or using a gun even in self defense makes you an instant criminal.
    Because the only power the state has is against unlawful activities. So they will adjust the parameters of what is criminality to paint anyone they want as criminal to justify their actions.

    1. True, but there's not a question in my mind that his movements are the result of deep snow and being struck by fire.

  2. Oregon's governor, that bisexual liberal, has his blood on her hands. She was the one that insisted the Feds come in and put and end to the protest. That's Governor Kate Brown. A total anti gun, anti liberal POS.

    1. his blood on her hands. She was the one that insisted the Feds come in and put and end to the protest.