Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Swedes buy private health insurance to skip long waits

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“Visitors are sometimes surprised to learn about year-long waiting times for cancer patients.”
One in ten Swedes now has private health insurance, often through their employers, with some recipients stating it makes business sense to be seen quickly rather than languish in national health care queues.
More than half a million Swedes now have private health insurance, showed a new review from industry organization Swedish Insurance (Svensk Försäkring). In eight out of ten cases, the person's employer had offered them the private insurance deal.

"It's quicker to get a colleague back to work if you have an operation in two weeks' time rather than having to wait for a year," privately insured Anna Norlander told Sveriges Radio on Friday. "It's terrible that I, as a young person, don't feel I can trust the health care system to take care of me."

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  1. The Meaning of Government Health Care is;

    Long on Government,

    Short on Health, and

    You can forget about the care, cause there isn't any.

    Central Alabamaian

  2. Meanwhile, Sweden's neighbor readies for the collapsing dam.

    Central Alabamaian