Friday, March 25, 2016

AZ TRUMP PROTESTER: I Was Paid $3500 to Protest Trump by Hillary Campaign

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highway still shut down

For weeks, rumors have circulated the web that individuals were being paid to protest at rallies held by Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump. Today a man from Trump’s rally on Saturday in Fountain Hills, Arizona has come forward to say that he was paid to protest the event.

“I was given $3,500 to protest Donald Trump’s rally in Fountain Hills,” said 37-year-old Paul Horner. “I answered a Craigslist ad a little over a week ago about a group needing actors for a political event.

I interviewed with them and got the part.”

Trump supporters have been claiming for weeks that the protesters are being paid for by Bernie Sanders’ campaign, but Horner disagrees.

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  1. shit like this should be punishable.
    If they're 'actors' I'm SURE there's an ordinance that REQUIRES them to have a permit for assembly which I'm sure no one had...

    1. I wish they'd pay me $3,500 to protest Hillary and Sanders. :)