Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The new face of the patriot movement is a Kansas-raised teenager

Via Jeffery "It sounds as if Human Rights guru Burghart had some training from Morris Dees' school of bullshit and if you don't agree with me you are a racist splc university!

"the more radical three percenters" or "their own echo chamber"


In one of dozens of YouTube videos posted this past month featuring teenager Victoria Sharp, who is from these parts, she flashes a wide smile when an online broadcaster offers to produce “The Victoria Sharp Show.”

It would play to a patriot movement audience.

“Will you please be the spokesman for our youth concerning our Constitution and our freedoms?” asked the broadcaster.

“Yes,” she said.

As for hosting a show, Sharp, 18, said she needed time to rest after her harrowing afternoon near the occupied Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

On Jan. 26 she witnessed authorities shoot dead one of the occupiers whose pickup truck had plowed past a roadblock.


  1. Patriot???? Here is one. He also has a Confederate flag
    in his yard as seen in the news report. As a side note,
    one of our most cherished and protected rights is the freedom of speech. No matter what you say and how offended people get, you can say anything you want under our Constitution. The silhouettes remind me of the kneeling
    soldier in the cemetery with a cross which was forced moved.