Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trump breaks 50% in national support for the first time

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"Despite constant attacks by FOX News, the GOP establishment and liberal media Donald Trump has a higher rating than the other GOP candidates." 

Keep it up Useful Fools, you're doing a great job! :)


Showing little sign of a "ceiling", Donald Trump has only grown in support with the exit of Ben Carson and Marco Rubio's collapse.


In the last two weeks, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has won more delegates in primaries and caucuses, even while his opponents have launched new attacks and questions have been raised about his supporters.  The week’s Economist/YouGov Poll finds Trump still at the top of GOP voters’ preference with a wider lead, while Florida Senator Marco Rubio seems most damaged by the two weeks of attacks and counter-attacks.

This is the first time Trump has garnered the support of a majority of Republican primary voters nationwide. YouGov's February 24-27 survey marked his previous high, at 44% support.

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  1. And what good does it do when you're not allowed a ballot?
    As an avid NC voter (+90%), I walked into the correct polling station presented my current/valid NCDL (w/ current address) and was still denied a ballot.
    So, what difference does it make what the polling stations say?

    1. Why was that? You didn't register in time?

    2. Come on man. :) Dixie registered when she was 17 since she would be 18 by the fall elections and it couldn't have been easier and neither was voting later.

  2. Our "Berlin Wall" is cracking, and the ones who built it, along with their lackeys, are going nuts. They never figured their world would change like it has,or as quick, and there is panty-wetting going on everywhere, the likes of which we have never seen. Hurrah! :)

    Central Alabamaian

  3. The illegal scum are going to try to screw Trump just like
    Ron Paul. Now they are saying he might not have enough
    delegates. He has won just about every state. He's not
    one of them and the people are not one of them.

    1. The illegal scum are going to try to screw Trump just like Ron Paul.

      Yup, though even with the loss of Ohio, I believe he still has a chance for the magic number at the convention.