Friday, April 29, 2016

Commies gather outside GOP convention in California

Via comment by Cav Med on Inland M2 full auto carbine original 30 carbine FU... "Live link of communists attempting to stop Trump speech at luncheon, Hyatt Regency hotel near San Fran. They have attempted a few human wave rushes of main entrance and are swarming all over hotel property, walkways and secondary entrances.


  1. Another link, Local Fox 10 news:

    This link is also broadcasting Trump's speech now, but is also showing crowds outside in a smaller picture box.

    1. This guy is nuts. He just contradicted himself when he first mentioned that if a gay couple went to a photographer and the photographer said it was against his religion then the couple should just find another photographer, then he says if the couple went into a cake store and wanted a cake for their wedding, then he should just go ahead and sell the cake even if it was against his principles! ?

  2. Brock- you were correct about Soros financing the riots - he and all his ilk should be prosecuted for inciting riots. Holding breath - turning purple...