Friday, April 1, 2016

Russia Doubling Nuclear Warheads

Via Billy

Russia is doubling the number of its strategic nuclear warheads on new missiles by deploying multiple reentry vehicles that have put Moscow over the limit set by the New START arms treaty, according to Pentagon officials.

A recent intelligence assessment of the Russian strategic warhead buildup shows that the increase is the result of the addition of multiple, independently targetable reentry vehicles, or MIRVs, on recently deployed road-mobile SS-27 and submarine-launched SS-N-32 missiles, said officials familiar with reports of the buildup.

“The Russians are doubling their warhead output,” said one official. “They will be exceeding the New START [arms treaty] levels because of MIRVing these new systems.”

The 2010 treaty requires the United States and Russia to reduce deployed warheads to 1,550 warheads by February 2018.

The United States has cut its warhead stockpiles significantly in recent years. Moscow, however, has increased its numbers of deployed warheads and new weapons.


  1. Will, Russia's borders are being surrounded by NATO, hence,
    the US foreign gov. I believe this is why Putin pulled back
    some of his troops from Syria as the cockroaches were busy.
    It's called self preservation.

    1. I just put this up.

  2. Thanks. What ever the reason, good for Russia. I know the
    Axis forces are not planning on forgoing their mission of
    over-throwing Assad.

    1. Try all they might, they'll going to have a long row to hoe. :)

  3. Perhaps of interest. The invasion of Syria compared to

    1. Thanks.