Saturday, May 14, 2016

Donald Trump Will Make America’s Stock Market Great Again

Via Frank


  • Like so many of my working class peers, I’ve turned to the stock market in order to secure my financial well-being.
  • With every democratic candidate taking direct aim at capital gains reform, Trump’s ire, like that of retail investors, is laser focused on hedge fund managers alone.
  • It is Donald Trump’s brash honesty that will, by virtue of freedom and assignment of shame, compel to the bargaining table those who are tied to ideology or special interests.
  • With a Trump presidency the corporate tax would be reduced ending tax inversions, creating jobs and propelling the stock market to oxygen challenged heights not seen before.
  • The greatest beneficiary of this renaissance would be the biotechnology sector crawling out from underneath the specter of legislative control.
Where Donald Trump Is Concerned I’ll Be Laughing All The Way Through His Two Terms As President 

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