Saturday, May 14, 2016

Why I Don't Live In California Anymore

Via Daughter Christine


  1. Ach du lieber Gott, where in California is that?

  2. The image is of the 405Fwy going through the Sepulveda Pass.
    It has been photoshopped to DOUBLE the number of lanes.

    1. May be, but you still have 1/2 that amount of traffic going no where.:)

  3. That dear sirs is one of those megaplex used car lots... you wouldn't catch me dead at either...

  4. Hi Brock,
    'Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt!!!! Left CA 28JAN1996 with a one-way ticket to NC compliments of Scurvyirvin-aero!! Never Looked Back!! Well, 'have friends and some Dropzones I'd go visit but otherwise it was Bye-Bye!!
    Have ta' say, up till I left in '96 things were still OK except for their 14 day waiting period to buy a gun!! and some other stuff...
    As for the Photo.... that's a goodie..and it's not even Rush Hour!!
    Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat!!,

  5. No mas. I lived in the Southern Bay area for 5 years, San Jose, Santa Clara, and commuted to South San Francisco on a motorcycle for a couple of years up 205 and 101.
    No thanks. Two words for that, Bull, Shit.
    I couldn't even imagine living in Southern California.Wouldn't do it.
    I grew up In Oregon and have lived in Washington for 25 years now.

    Just today, I got pissed off because I was stuck in a traffic jam on a suburban 4 lane road just North of Vancouver Wa. I SO want to move out in the sticks somewhere but my wife is a city girl and refuses.
    I've noticed the older I get, the farther out I want to go too.

    1. I've noticed the older I get, the farther out I want to go too.

      Thanks and I believe many feel the same.

  6. My Dad had to face that every day for 1.5 hours going to work at the SDI project in TRW and 1.5 hours coming back. It was a kind of sacrifice he made for me and my brothers so that we could go to Beverly Hills High School when he could have just as easily moved to somewhere near his place of work.