Sunday, May 15, 2016

Socialism Is Dying Everywhere from Europe to South America – Except in the US

Via Billy

The face of socialism in the U.S. is grandfatherly Bernie Sanders. But the real face should be Venezuela's late socialist dictator Hugo Chavez, whose socialist policies have led to misery, chaos and death. (AP)

Socialism: Around the world, nations that have been foolish enough to adopt socialist policies either collapsed or are well on their way to doing so. Why, then, are so many in the U.S. enthralled with the idea?

A quick look at the world’s countries in direst economic shape reveals that many, if not most, have one thing in common: They rely on top-down socialist control, rather than free markets, to run their economies. The former, history amply shows, are doomed to fail. There are no long-term socialist success stories. None.


  1. Actually just published a piece on the same subject.

    1. Thanks.