Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hampton Roads communities wrestle with Confederate legacy, history

Via Bob

USA, Virginia, Richmond, Hollywood Cemetery, graves of Confederate soldiers : Stock Photo

Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond Virginia

For the Memorial Day weekend, volunteers spent hours at the Hampton National Cemetery meticulously placing American flags on the graves of U.S. military veterans.

On an adjacent plot in the cemetery, 272 Confederate graves went unmarked.

Under the guidelines of the National Cemetery Administration in Washington, D.C., no sanctioned cemeteries may place Confederate flags on grave sites. On one day each year — Memorial Day — outside organizations can volunteer to do that.

"If an organization chooses to do that, they can do it," said Janice Hill, director of the cemetery in Hampton. "We don't provide the flags. They have to provide them, and they have to take them down when Memorial Day is done. I have not had anyone contact me in the five years I've been here." Local SCV Camp, what's the problem?


  1. On a trip to Maryland about a month ago I saw a new confederate flag and pole just north of Stony Creek VA
    and before you get to the I-295 exit off of I-95. It's on
    the left hand side of the road along the service road.

    Is it a new one? I was thinking the one the VA Flaggers erected was up past the 295 exit nearer to Petersburg?

    It sure did look good. It's not easily visible when southbound but it sticks out when going North bound. It's in a slight curve to the east and blocked by trees when approaching from the North. Those familiar with that area will remember there is a place on the service road there that looks like a log cabin and used to sell brass bed frames. The bed frames used to be prominently displayed out front. It's right beside that building. CH

    1. Thanks and the Flaggers are doing an unbelievable job.


    3. Oh, yes and they're still plugging along.