Monday, May 16, 2016

Slave quotes from the Slave Narratives


In 1934-36 as part of the WPA program in the FDR administration about 2200 old former slaves were interviewed and their stories printed in books called The slave Narratives---one for each state. 
Almost all spoke with love and affection for their former masters and spoke about how good slavery times was.
If one reads the Slave Narratives (available from Amazon book company) virtually all the 2000+ old former slaves interviewed as part of the WPA program in 1934-37 said ---good food—a place to live--clothes to wear--kind treatment--good times etc. and spoke with affection for their former masters. 
In order to justify their atrocities during the war--murder, arson, plunder, rape, theft etc. the Yankees have painted an image of the South/Confederacy as an evil empire that terribly and constantly abused slaves and "we got what we deserved".  They have repeated these lies so much over the past 185 years since about 1830 that many of these modern day liberals really and sincerely believe it.
The faithful slaves took care of the white women and children while the Southern men were away in the Confederate army. A  monument at Arlington cemetery even depicts a white Confederate soldier handing his baby to a black slave lady to take care of while he is away. There were no riots in the South while the white men were away. Lincoln and the Yankee radicals tried to create riots but it did not happen. That was why he wrote the Emancipation Proclamation which freed no one. After the war many slaves stayed on with their “white family” on the plantation or farm where they had been raised and cared for. Some that did leave were later quoted as saying they regretted leaving.
I remember hearing of a 30s recording of an ex slave  saying " Slavery days shore wuz good days, we had a place to stay, food to eat and clothes to wear, now we ain't got nuthin"

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