Monday, May 16, 2016

Soros Evangelical Russell Moore Moves From Hating Whites To Blasphemy


Via Mike "Russell Moore is the biggest mistake I have seen the SBC make, but I believe it is a trend that started several years ago. I saw it in the PCUSA and Methodist churches. I believe it contributed to their doctrinal and spiritual decline.. Gresham Machen once said that "Liberalism and Christianity are two different religions", but Moore has them thoroughly confused. It reminds me of some historical cases of self-righteous driven atrocities, e. g. the abolitionist *John Brown.

*A note on John Brown. The John Brown Abolitionist Syndrome.

John Brown was very fond of quoting the Old Testament, but his attitude toward biblical authority was typical of the abolitionists. They believed in higher truths than Scripture.  Rev. H. D. King, who once talked with Brown about his religious beliefs, quoted his attitude toward the Bible:

“If any great obstacle stands in the way, you may properly break all the Decalogue (Ten Commandments) to get rid of it.”

King noted that for Brown, “there was only one wrong and that was slavery.

It may have been King, who was the Baptist preacher who asked Brown, “What is your religion, Sir? To which Brown responded: “Anti-Slavery!”

The John Brown Abolitionist Syndrome.

Racism is not a good thing, but Christians should be aware of the sort of self-righteous zealotry that makes their religion effectively :"Anti-racism" rather than Christianity. This had led to all sorts of increasingly totalitarian social nonsense and other sad manifestations of closed hearts and minds parading under the guise of Christianity in our time. The John Brown Abolitionist Syndrome manifests itself in many forms over a range of issues. Sufferers from the syndrome are generally blind to the substantial hurt and harm it is causing all around them. 

It is very difficult to cure in institutional settings which have succumbed to a prevailing climate of political correctness. Political Correctness Virus can easily spread from educational and media cultures to churches that are paying more attention to looking good and fitting in with the secular culture than discerning truth and doing right. Political Correctness Disease leads to spiritual debilitation, which can be fatal to churches. 


Russell Moore’s official title is President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, but he seems to view himself as the Pope and Grand Inquisitor of all Evangelicals. Moore has been campaigning against the heresy of Trumpism for some time, claiming in the New York Times back in September that “to back Mr. Trump, these [evangelical] voters must repudiate everything they believe.” As an evangelical Christian myself, and a local church deacon, I strongly disagree. I believe Moore’s attitude is arrogant, hypocritical—and, ultimately, blasphemous.

Moore just hurled another NYT anathema against Trump’s evangelical supporters [A White Church No More, May 6, 2016]. It got him on “Face the Nation” (May 8), where he said evangelicals shouldn’t vote for Trump or Hillary. (So….?) The next day Donald Trump tweeted that “Russell Moore is truly a terrible representative of Evangelicals and all of the good they stand for. A nasty guy with no heart!”

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  1. I have seen some internal critiques on Southern Baptists along the lines that it is being PC and not loyal to the Bible. These citiques to me seem accurate