Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Abortionist hisses at pro-lifer: 'I love' killing unborn babies

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 Memorize his face.

Holds scissors near man's throat in 'demonic' confrontation outside clinic

An abortionist in California, apparently upset by the presence of a pro-life activists standing outside his clinic, charged through the front doors of the facility while wielding a pair of scissors and proclaimed his “love” of tearing unborn babies apart in the womb.

The bizarre exchange with Dr. Robert Santella outside his Family Planning Associates abortion facility in San Diego was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube, reported LifeSite News.

“Stinky breath!” screamed Santella when the sidewalk counselor told him to repent.

“That’s pretty evil of you,” the counselor responds.

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  1. Every woman that has had an abortion and every Dr that has performed an abortion has killed more people than all of my guns put together.