Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The "Brexit" shooting Very, very fishy

Via comment by Anonymous on CALAIS AT WAR: Port road SHUT as migrants chanting...

 The shooting of British Member of Jo Cox is very suspicious.

First, the killer is not known to have ever had any political opinions at all.

Second, not one single real eye witness said he yelled "England First."

Yes, immediately as the news broke, the UK corporate news media all painted this sick individual as an advocate of "Brexit", the leaving the European Union by the UK.

Right before the shooting polls showed that the vote was very likely going to be for exit.

Now, the vote has been suspended and the news media are making a heroine out the victim - and most importantly - villains out of anyone who wants the UK to leave the European Union.

This story stinks to the high heavens.


  1. If I will agree that there are indeed false flag operations going on somewhere in the world, at some point... Can I get some buy in that maybe, just maybe, SOME operations are indeed just exactly what they appear to be?

    Seriously. Everything can't be a false flag operation. Somwhere out there, there is a deranged person doing what the voices in his head tell him to do without any help from the CIA/Mossad/MI-6.

    1. Probably the 'stay' people just got very lucky and jumped right on it as was done with the
      Confederate flag fiasco in SC.

  2. Expert manipulators. Probably all have degrees in psychology
    and MK Ultra. Who the bloody hell knows.
    The narrator describing the gun and shoe -he was totally
    disgusted with the story but he was pretty funny.
    Confederate flag fiasco - you betcha.

    1. Confederate flag fiasco - you betcha.

      Even Neo-con Lindsey Graham, when told about the move to take down the Flag said something like: What does that have to do the shooting which happened many miles away?

    2. Yea, the whole Charleston thing was a little off to
      me. From Haley and her secret meetings and the
      almost apologetic arrest of Roof by police.

    3. Don't let a good opportunity go to waste.