Thursday, June 30, 2016

BLM Race Activist DeRay McKesson Lands Job With Baltimore Schools Making $165,000 a Year

Via Billy

deray netaaaa

DeRay McKesson was a lead full-time paid protester in Ferguson, Missouri during the riots and looting. He later was became a lead activist in Baltimore during the Freddie Gray riots.

DeRay was just awarded a job with the Baltimore school district in human resources making $165,000 a year.

For the record – DeRay McKesson and the other Ferguson and Baltimore protest leaders were trained in Soros-funded agitation.

The Ferguson protests and riots were never a grassroots movement.

The mob action was a carefully coordinated Soros-funded astroturf movement bent on destruction.


  1. I bet he couldn't hit his azz with both hands and come up with the same number twice. Ain't no white boys getting a job while he is there.

  2. "What's with the life preserver?"

    1. :)Maybe the latest fashion in suicide vests.........? :)