Thursday, June 30, 2016

Did Stonehenge began life as a Welsh monument to the dead?

Via Frank

Stonehenge Quarries where the original stones were cut
Smaller bluestones in Stonehenge were                   Quarries where the original stones
probably part of an earlier Welsh tomb                     were cut                                                 

Stonehenge began life as an impressive Welsh tomb which was dismantled and shipped to Wiltshire, archaeologists now suspect.

Experts have known for some time that the smaller bluestones of the 5000-year-old Neolithic monument were brought 140 miles from the Preseli Mountains in Wales.

The source of the Stonehenge stomes was first determined in the early 1920s by H.H. Thomas, an officer with the Geological Survey of England and Wales.

He determined that the so-called ‘spotted dolerites’ matched a small number of outcrops in the Mynydd Preseli district in south-west Wales.

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