Sunday, June 19, 2016

Ex-FBI agent: 'We are totally off our war-fighting game'

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Guandolo said the problem is about to get a whole lot worse as the priorities of America’s enemies start shifting.

“The global Islamic movement says that it’s going to begin its turn from its total focus on the Islamic world, where it is seeking to impose Shariah law on the Muslim world first and then the non-Muslim world. That turn is going to begin this year,” he said.

What will that mean in the West?

“That means instead of a couple of people in San Bernardino, several people in Brussels and lone shooter in Orlando, you’re going to have dozens of jihadis doing multiple operations in conjunction with the Marxists and the socialists of groups like Black Lives Matter, which will be burning and looting cities like they did in Ferguson and Baltimore,” Guandolo said.

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