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Jewish Civil War Veterans Database

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Private Leon, A Jew, Served In 53rd NC (My Family's Unit)
 Private Leon was a Jew who served in Company B, 53rd NC. My great grandfather and great uncle served in Company C. Guaranteed they knew each other.

"The four years that I have given to my country, I do not regret, nor am I sorry for one day that I have given - my only regret is that we have lost that for which we fought. Nor do I for one minute think that we lost it by any other way than by being outnumbered at least five, if not ten to one. The world was open to the enemy, but shut out to us. I shall now close this diary in sorrow, but to the last I will say that, although but a private, I still say our Cause was just, nor do I regret one thing that I have done to cripple the North."


                          Yankee                                                                     Confederate                                 

Medal of Honor Recipients Confederate Soldiers Passover Seder
Abraham Lincoln's Jewish Photographer Last Order of the Confederacy, by Lewis Regenstein
Union Soldiers Passover Seder Judah P. Benjamin, "Brains of the Confederacy"
Col. Marcus M. Spiegel of the 120th Ohio Volunteers Rabbi Henry S. Jacobs of Columbia, South Carolina
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: Eulogy of Isaac M. Wise Rosanna Osterman, Heroine of Galveston
"Beast" Butler and the Jews Eugenia Phillips and Gen. Butler: "Beauty and the Beast"
U.S. Grant and the Palestinian Envoy Cpl. Edwin I. Kursheedt, Louisiana Washington Artillery
Letter to Abraham Lincoln, about a Sabbath-observing Soldier Jewish Military Cemetery for Confederate Soldiers
"The American Jew as Patriot, Soldier and Citizen" by Simon Wolf Isaac J. Levy, 46th Virginia Infantry
A Black Jewish Officer in the Civil War Joseph Goldsmith, unofficial Confederate "chaplain"
"Sketches From the Seat of War" by "A Jewish Soldier" Maj. Alexander Hart, 5th Louisiana Infantry
Lt. Jacob C. Cohen, 27th Ohio Infantry Prayer for the Confederacy, by Rabbi Max Michelbacher
April 27, 1865, by Emma Lazarus (age 16) Robert E. Lee's Letters to Rabbi Michelbacher
Rabbi Arnold Fischel, Chaplain Philip Sartorious, Citizen of Vicksburg
Expulsion of Jews under "General Orders No. 11" Philip Whitlock, "Richmond Grays"
Capt. Philip Trounstine, 5th Ohio Cavalry Moses J. Ezekiel, VMI Cadet, by Albert Conner
"On Persecution," Isaac Leeser's Editorial on "General Orders #11" Judah P. Benjamin, Letter to E. Porter Alexander
Sgt. Benjamin B. Levy, Medal of Honor Recipient Eleanor Cohen Seixas, Southern Patriot
Sgt. Abraham Kohn, Medal of Honor Recipient, by Mark Starin Major Isaac Scherck on the fall of Atlanta
Michael M. Allen, 5th Pennsylvania Cavalry Chaplain "Kronikals of the Times," by A. E. Frankland
Jewish Life in Washington, D.C. during the Civil War Memoir of Robert H. Little, 1st Georgia Infantry
"Bible View of Slavery," by Rabbi Morris J. Raphall Rothschild Tours the Confederacy
Reply to Dr. Raphall, by Michael Heilprin Louis Leon, 53rd North Carolina Infantry, "A Tar Heel Jewish Soldier at Gettysburg"
Reply to Dr. Raphall, by Rabbi David Einhorn Rabbi Bernard Illowy, Sage of New Orleans
THE BEN BERITH, A Story of the Battle of Nashville Secession Sermon of Rabbi Illowy

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