Thursday, June 2, 2016

Grass Roots North Carolina Alert



NRA lobbyist Anthony Roulette and Sheriffs’ Association Director Eddie Caldwell throw gun owners under the bus…

The Problem


With passage of HB 562 last year, which included removal of several burdensome pistol purchase permit (PPP) application requirements, legislators attempted to standardize what were then widely variable permit formats. The North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association (NCSA) managed to slip into the bill a requirement that mental health forms be sent to Clerks of Superior Court to certify the applicant has no history of mental incompetence (involuntary commitment, insanity defense, etc). The ostensible reason for the form is that older records are not digitized, but rather stored on microfiche.

Although sheriffs are now required to issue purchase permits in 14 days, urban counties are flouting the law, claiming that due to the large influx of gun permit applications after the San Bernardino attack, clerks of court are unable to keep up with manually researching involuntary commitment records. Sheriffs are refusing to issue permits until the form comes back from the clerk of court, claiming a “better safe than sorry” policy in exceeding the 14 day limit. In Mecklenburg County and elsewhere, applicants are being stalled for 60 to 90 days.


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  1. My conceal permit came back in 87 days. Wife's; a year prior, was 115 days.
    Not sure where the 14 day number has come from? Unless it's just for purchasing pistols and not the conceal carry permit?

    Sheriff's site:
    The mental health thing is a bit sucky, and $20 extra "for paperwork processing", but the SIX places they checked about me - which I'd never heard of - said I was aiet.

    The current sheriff here isn't the best apple in the lot, but he's "better" than the toolbag he ran against. Hopefully we'll vote in someone even better next time.

    1. Thanks, you could also get one from Florida in the mail and your DD214 will serve as your weapon course. I had one for 10 years and just applied for renewal.