Saturday, June 4, 2016

Here is a Picture of the “White Male” UCLA Shooter, Mainak Sarkar, 38; and Here is a Picture of His UCLA Victim, Professor William Klug

Via comment by Quartermain on Meet the "White Male" Who Killed a Professor at UC

Some readers will recall that during the Nation of Islam D.C. Sniper murders in 2002, racist, black, Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose, who was put in charge of the manhunt solely because he was black, kept telling the public that the killer was a white man driving a white box truck. Moose had no reason to believe that, but he kept on lying to the public, even after he had had a long telephone conversation with one of the killers (who had called in), and thus knew that the killer was black.

The phony “description” was supposedly based on a “profile,” but “profilers,” “experts” like Robert K. Ressler, had been lying to the public for years, asserting that serial killers were overwhelmingly white men in their thirties and forties.

The killers kept on slaughtering people, most of them white, while Moose kept their identity secret.

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