Saturday, June 4, 2016

Southern Reparations Have Already Been Paid

 grant carpetbagger

As the Sesquicentennial of Reconstruction progresses and the popular press debates whether slavery merits reparations, few students of the era realize that Southerners have already paid a form of reparations; if not for slavery, then as a penalty for the war.

As the table below illustrates, for at least twenty-five years after the war three items represented more than half of the federal budget: (1) budget surpluses to repay federal war debt, (2) interest on federal war debt, and (3) Union veterans pensions. Former Confederates derived no benefit from such items, yet they had to pay their share of federal taxes to fund them. If the Confederacy had been an independent defeated foe such payments would have been reparations.


  1. There is no reason for reparations because there is nothing wrong with having slaves. It is a regular part of Torah Law. You cant pick and choose. If you believe in Torah then slavery is apart of it

  2. We've been paying such 'carpetbagger taxes' for a century and a half. They just change the name from war drugs, to war on terror, to what ever fits their greed. The nation subsidizes all rail fair tickets to the tune of $35 a passenger, and something like %80 of rail services are in the north east. Would it be any surprise to find out the vast majority of military supply manufacturers are in the north east. But when we invade Iraq, it's the sandhills of NC that loose their income. Here is an example of insurance extortion:
    In order to succeed, we need to SECEDE!

    1. In order to succeed, we need to SECEDE!

      Thank and yes indeedy. :)

  3. Update:

    Without question, the so-called "patriot" movement is nothing but a lesson in how
    to lose, lose, and lose again; following all those lessons in losing "patriots"
    will teach American citizens one more lesson
    in losing for good measure, along with how to suck it.

    1. I assume you are referring to Southern Patriots in this instance.

    2. No.
      I am referring to all of us, myself included.
      Granted, some of the guilty are shameless
      scumbags that are wholly deserving of their
      shitbag status.
      However, my previous comment is the
      honesty of the anger that I feet, after reading
      about another victory by communist shitbags, and the realization that the majority of us have
      so cheapened our manhood, citizenship and
      our Republic.
      We have become such a disgrace
      that we will not even rise to
      stop the treasonous destruction of our
      history, Republic, and the sacrifices of
      our ancestors.
      Seriously, what the fuck is it going to take?
      Take for example, your post regarding the Judical Watch article, about the treasonous crime of DHS transporting illegals directly from the non-border directly to a Greyhound station
      in Phoenix.
      Regardless of whose AO this occurred in, does
      any genuine Payriot, citizen and man not expect one of us to finally say, open and honestly, that we don't add up to dry shit blowing in the wind.

    3. We were sitting around the campfire at the PATCON and I mentioned that there was no way possible to return to the Republic of old without a revolution like 1776/1861 and a reply of lets go was met with another one of, all six of us...............?:(

  4. I thought to secede made sense 8 years ago and I wrote as much on my blog a few times. But now with Trump as a possibility I see no reason for the South to secede.

    1. I doubt seriously he can get us back to a Republic, but I'll wait and see.

  5. I am more than willing to pay to ANY of proven direct decedents of slaves as soon as we pay the same to the Scott-Irish indentured servants who were forced into slavery in America.

    1. Good luck..........:)I've posted that before and is quite good as are others. Thanks.

  6. Well, it matters to me
    that you know my comments
    are not cheap shots at you,
    or the content of your blog.
    We already worked out my past
    issue of being hyper-sensitive
    while reading it, and you got me
    over that bump in the road.