Sunday, June 5, 2016

House Passes Bill Urging Law Enforcement to have No Contact with Terror-Tied CAIR

Via Billy

Hamas-tied CAIR has played a huge role in intimidating the media and the public into thinking it wrong to oppose jihad terror. This article is typical of the Islamic propaganda and whitewash that is churned out daily by the media apologists.

Did the writer of this article Kevin Litten look into CAIR at all or did he file this story from the bar-stool of some seedy hotel while reading CAIR’s media guidelines on how to report on jihad?

One can only imagine the puff pieces Litten would have penned for the American Bund back in the 30s. I hope Litten is not fool enough to be pimp without pay. These Muslim Brotherhood groups pay their media lapdogs quite well.

Here is what writer Kevin Litten neglected to mention:


  1. Before one gives Chucky-boy too much credit, remember he can't separated terrorist from patriotic, Constitution, freedom-loving patriots, never has, never will. The only difference is a cautiously selected, not-too offensive wording for CAIR v. his condoned Federal-reign of terror originating, at least, with his full-endorsement of the Waco slaughter, which culminated in the machine-gunning-and-bombing deaths of innocent women and children by bloodthirsty Delta Force subhumans, after being told by the terrorist Feds that they, the Branch Davidians, could leave in peace. And that's just part of the story! Watch Waco" on YouTube, if Uncle Bloody hasn't yanked it.