Thursday, June 16, 2016

Say it: Rad-i-cal Is-la-mic Terr-or-ism

Via David
To the Editor:
A page from my Remedial English class for adults:
OK, Mrs. Clinton, and you too, Mr. Obama, let's go back and try this again.
Just follow me and repeat; Rad-i-cal Is-la-mic Terr-or-ism.
Oh, sure you can ... try again.
Rad-i-cal Is-la-mic Terr-or-ism.
What do you mean, you "can't" say it?
Sure you can ... it's real easy. What's the matter, Mrs. Clinton? No matter what your voters say, it wouldn't kill you to just say it.
Yes, Mr. Obama ... if you think saying it would offend someone, yes, you could always curtsy and apologize.
OK. let's try it again ... Ra-di-cal Is-la-mic Terr-or-ism.
Mrs. Clinton? Mr, Obama? Class isn't over yet ... come back, please ...
Mrs. Clinton?
Mr. Obama...?
Robert Miles

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