Saturday, June 11, 2016

Southern Justice In Action

Comment by RGRANT on OHP Uses New Device To Seize Money During Traffic ...

Lynched By Negroes: Ernest Harrison, Sam Reed, and Frank Howard –1911, Wickliffe, Kentucky. Offense: Murder/Robbery

 Blacks Lynching Blacks – The Whole Truth


 27.4% Of Lynchings Were White


Comment by Anonymous: ........This is almost as bad as the group of cops and state troopers in Bardstown Ky. who spent over a year gang raping a 13 year old girl. They were not only NOT charged with any crime. They didn't even get a reprimand. The cops say they just cannot understand why there are no witnesses when one of them gets shot. Gee Wiz guys maybe being thieves and child molesting scum has something to do with that.

In reply: RGRANT Was the cop that shot-gunned on the offramp in Bardstown a couple years in on it? Maybe the principal of Shoot, Shovel, Shut up Southern justice in action.


  1. No one knows why he was killed or Who did it. The cop claim to have no motive and no evidence in the killing of the Bardstown PD K-9 and school drug cop. Corruption in the central Kentucky "Law Enforcement community" is so rampant that entire departments have been under investigation by the FBI for YEARS. Several departments have "lost" 911 service (had it removed by the feds) They have also "lost" Machineguns , drugs and untold amounts of evidence. The rumor around central Ky. is that the K-9 drug cop in B-town got wacked by another cop. But its only a rumor. In a few years the cops will probably pin it on some retard. Beat a confession out of him/her , then shoot them "trying to escape". Off camera.