Saturday, June 11, 2016

Triggliots Lose Their Minds At Trump Event

Via Michael

 The Portland State University Students For Trump chapter were back at it, this time holding an event called “BUILD THE WALL”, where they literally brought a replica wall to campus.
 At first campus police told them they could not bring it on the university property because it is a “structure” and they didn’t have a permit. What’s quite interesting about that is the fact that the wackjob SJW groups on campus have been getting away with violating “policy” after “policy” over and over during their protests and marches. They use amplified devices, march through the halls of the buildings screaming and yelling, they literally took over a PSU board of trustees meeting that cause the board members to flee, and they staged a “die in” in the street, all of which were ignored by campus police and, as far as this author can tell, no punishment was handed down. If there were, then they were so light that it did not cause any of the students to think twice before doing it all again at the next protest.


  1. Why, oh why do people give credence to college students? Their minds are mush, have no real world experience and are being systematically brain washed by the left liberal instructors and professors. Listening to them on this video made my head hurt, not once did they stay on topic long enough to apply a smidgen of any logic and sense they might have had...

    1. There is no logic in today's liberalism. Inconvenient facts for them.