Friday, July 29, 2016

Aww: Barcelona unveils digital 'shame counter’ to track refugee deaths

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Barcelona’s mayor Ada Colau poses in front a digital billboard that shows the number of refugees who died in the Mediterranean.
 Must be a requirement that *female, Left-Of-Lenin liberals are ugly as sin.
*I'm assuming she is female, but certainly aren't sure looking at the picture

Barcelona’s leftwing commie government has unveiled a large digital counter next to one of the city’s popular beaches that will track the number of refugees who die in the Mediterranean.

“We are inaugurating this shame counter which will update all known victims who drowned in the Mediterranean in real time,” said mayor Ada Colau, whose radical coalition won power in June 2015 on a promise to create jobs and fight corruption.

The monument consists of a large metal rectangular pillar that comes decked out with a digital counter above the inscription “This isn’t just a number, these are people.”

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  1. Yeah, that's a real bummer.. If the scum of the earth wouldn't encourage them to invade Europe how many would still be alive?

    How many Europeans would still be alive? How many rapes have these animals committed? Yeah, I feel really bad,,

    1. Yes, I'm just devastated, but seriously, these governments are guilty of per-meditated murder and that includes you also, Hussein Obama, they should be tried and if found guilty, the proper punishment accorded.

  2. Maybe we can just subtract it from the hundreds of thousands of Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian women and children carried off into slavery by the Barbary pirates over just the 700 years it took the to drive them out of the Iberian peninsula. Well be gracious and not count the tens of thousands more slaughtered or carried off in the time between 1492 and the middle of the 19th century.

  3. Do they have a rape counter?