Friday, July 29, 2016

Trump running an open source insurgency

The Trumpification of the Establishment >>  Trump isn't running a campaign, he's running an open source insurgency (see my earlier article on this) that makes him nearly immune to personal attack, and it is working.  He has secured a whopping 7 points (47 to 40) lead over Clinton in a recent national poll by the LA Times/USC -- despite the fact that nearly EVERYONE in the media, academic, government, and political establishment is working against him.  This loss of control has infuriated the establishment, leading to increasing levels of paranoia, hyperbole, and anger (particularly in the media).  In short, the establishment is starting to act increasingly like Trump does -- exaggerating and amplifying everything.

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  1. The difference however is Trump uses what I would call constructive hyperbole to point out the Democrat's weaknesses. This leaves them to use reactionary hyperbole which only demonstrates to the public their inability to defend their positions or construct logical counterpoints.