Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cuckservatives, Including Newt Gingrich, Call Retreat After Dallas. Will Trump?

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 In 2009, Gingrich toured with Al Sharpton promoting some education nostrum or other

The bodies were barely cold in Dallas when leading cuckservatives were already rushing to triangulate between the hate group Black Lives Matter and the American policemen struggling to contain a low-level insurgency. To those familiar with The Stupid Party and Conservatism Inc., no such display of cowardice could be surprising. But will Donald Trump follow, either by caving himself—or by picking a cuck-compromised figure like Newt Gingrich as his Vice President?

Trump’s initial reaction after the shootings in Dallas was sound. Hours before Hillary Clinton responded, Trump offered “prayers and condolences” to “all of the families” “devastated by the horrors we are all watching take place in our country.” In a longer response posted to his Facebook page, Trump called for the restoration of “law and order” and decried the worsening of racial tensions. He also called for “strong leadership, love, and compassion.” Especially given that many European-Americans voted for Barack Obama because they thought he would heal the racial divide, this is a sober and highly appropriate response.


  1. Again, the Republican Party, if it were honest, would change its' logo from the elephant to the jelly fish. Like the jelly fish Party leaders are content to just drift along on what ever tide carries them. They have no brains, no spine nor when dealing with the Party of Evil (Democrats) no balls. The greatest service any of the Republican cuckservatives could do for this country would be commit suicide. I do have a long memory and I will NOT forget or forgive Newt when he gave in during the "government shut". Coward. Government shut down, my ass! It was a unplanned paid vacation. The Party of Evil, did learn their lesson very well; Yell, scream and name call a Republican and he WILL back down and give in. All you have to do is throw a hissy fit long enough. They have zero stomach for a fight.