Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Former Miss Alabama who called Dallas cop-killer a martyr suspended by Miami TV station

Via Billy 


Kalyn Chapman James, the first black Miss Alabama, has been placed on administrative leave at her job with a local public television station in Miami for her comments on Facebook about last week's shooting deaths of five Dallas police officers.

The Miss Alabama pageant also distanced itself Monday from James' comment.

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  1. If that is what passes for attractive to the contest judges, they are either blind, stupid or bribed.

    1. :) She looked better before she changed her hair style.

    2. Beauty contest intentionally select black and brown women frequently so they don't get accused of racism. Even though beauty is not as arbitrary as some people claim, judging beauty contests ARE. They really can pick anyone they want for any reason they want. If you look at objective data, every race agrees that pretty white women are prettier than those of other races. When other races have "pretty" women, it is because those women have more "white" features. That's not opinion. That's science.

    3. Yes and the biggest selling cosmetic in Vietnam is skin whitening cream. When I first went there, I was surprised that women were under umbrellas since it wasn't raining......:)

  2. Stupid potato head. He thinks she got that job because she had irreplaceable skills? Women who work at TV stations are there because they are nice to look at. There are tens of thousands of women better looking than she is who would be just fine doing that same job.