Tuesday, July 12, 2016

NC $NAACP$ Leader Defends Dallas Shooter

Via Billy


I’d say “guess who’s back,” but Reverend Curtis Gatewood never really went away. The NAACP official who accused “the Jews” of trying to assassinate President Obama, who called the innocent victims of 9/11 “racists” whose violent deaths were a “just punishment” from God, and who co-organized a rally in support of Fort Hood mass-shooter Nidal Hasan, has more lives than Michael Myers from the Halloween films.

Gatewood, the field and branch director of the North Carolina NAACP, represents an NAACP chapter so extreme, so hate-filled, that the one time the national NAACP attempted to censure him, his entire chapter mutinied and threatened to sever ties with the national base. So the NAACP leaders (you know, the ones who commanded Tea Party leaders to expel all “racists”) surrendered, and Gatewood has been declared untouchable, no matter what he says.

This past weekend, Gatewood, on his Facebook page, came out in defense of Dallas gunman Micah Johnson, writing:

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